Services and Products

Services and Products

Individual Sound and Reiki Sessions- at studio in Federal Way
Most treatments combine both Sound and Reiki in each treatment.  Our studio was created specifically for either 1-2 people. Sometimes it's nice to have the space and care all to yourself.  Other times it's fun to share it with a friend or partner.   There are massage tables to lie on, heated pads to lay on, eye pillows to help quiet and relax your eyes. 

 Individual sessions are $85 for an hour
 Sessions for two are normally $105 - November special is two for $ 85!

TLC at your door.  Traveling Reiki and Sound session
A private treatment in your own home may be just the ticket.  Not only do you not need to drive, but your pets and home also benefit from the vibes.
Couple/friends/family- bowl session 2 people
The traveling bowl sessions range from $125-350 depending on setup, location and requests.
      Group Bowl Session
Dallas has done many different group sessions.  For 5 years he has done Friday night bowl sessions and the Balanced life and Ayurvedic retreats 3 times per year.  Group bowls at yoga studios, business team building, business de-stressing sessions, assisted living centers etc...... 
Group bowl sessions range from $225 to 350.00, depending on setup, time requested, number of people, location and special requests.  Out of area and large groups may be additional
Space Clearing
 If you have recently moved into a new space- home or business this is the perfect time to do a good space clearing.  Also, if you are needing to get unstuck, recovering from a major illness, a life irksome event or just want a good refresh this is the perfect time to have a space clearing.  Space clearing clears the air, removes detrimental residue build up and helps ground your new intentions.
Most spacing clearing sessions are $ 225.00-$ 350.00 depending on location and size

Training - with Singing Bowls
If you purchase singing bowls, Dallas will give you a lesson in use and personal healing protocols.  Normal training comes with a singing bowl purchase but you can also request training for $85.00 per hour

Would you like to purchase a Singing Bowl?
In between bowl sessions you may find yourself called to own your own bowl or bells.  Dallas is a retailer of Tibetan singing bowls, tingshas, bells, mallets.  Each selected for its purpose and person.  Our supplier is also Dallas's bowl instructor.  Each year Suren travels back to Nepal and hand selects each bowl.  Our bowls for purchase come from this hand selection.