"Wonderful session, Dallas, and thank you so much for my personal Tibetan bowl treatment. It was wonderful!  Thank you!!  Marianne

"As always I reluctantly came back from a most amazing experience!  Wawee! Wow! Wow!"
             Thank you:-)  Ruth

"Total bliss!  Love it- can't wait until you are at the studio doing workshops!!

"Incredible, enlightening, amazing.  The pain in my body, emotional and physical was released from my muscles and mind, heart center.  Relief from my racing mind was delightful.  I look forward to working with Dallas again.  I plan to let my friends know about this clearing relaxing work!"
        Thank you  Christine

"Awesome,.. I think you should teach and practice regularly;-).  I appreciate your presence, knowledge, attention and good energy and willingness to share info.  I know I would have a treatment from you when I saw you at East West as you had passion about and with the bowls."  Teresa

"PEACEFUL, CENTERING, CALMING, CLEAR.  What a blessing." Lesley

"My first time exposed to Singing Bowls, Dallas explained the history and chakras which helped me understand the process better.  I have not had a "clear mind" like this before."  Gloria

"Sing bowl treatment was very relaxing. Surrounded by sound energy and vibration was very nurturing and soothing.  I was really great to have this treatment and feel re-energized."  Dhaval

"Was very comfoting, very relaxing as I did sleep, tho wanted to be awake to hear and experience this treatment.  You have a love for what you are doing and it is such  gift for me to experience this treatment." Thank you, Marian

"I was Bowled over!!  I felt the vibrations moving energy though my body,"  Margaret

"Lovely!  What an unexpected gift and such a perfect day for it! " Kathy

"Keep doing the bowls!  Heavenly, grounding, balancing and heart healing.  Thank you", Beth

"So calming, I left feeling so much better.  My body feels alive like I am more open and the stress is gone".  Kathleen

"Loved the experience!  So relaxing and unlike anything I'd experienced before.  Left feeling clear, focused and grounded", Thanks  Stephanie

"Very Comfortable.  Loved Loved Loved the education around the bowls.  Thank you for the wonderful experience- it was very appreciated- Thank you,"  Sally

"I could feel the bowls clearing my shoulder- it tingled all the way down my arm.- wonderful." Kristy

"The experience was deeply meaningful - even when I could not completely empty my mind, I felt pain and stress being released from my finger tips and toes.  I felt as if I were floating."   MaryEllen

"It's a great practice. I really enjoyed it.  The vibration feels wonderful and the sound is fabulous.  Thank you"  Chris