A bit about Dallas - from an outside perspective

When you going to work with someone for your healthy and vitality you want to be able to relax and know a bit about who you will be meeting.  Let me introduce you to Dallas.
Hi my name is Denise.  I've known Dallas since we were 15.  We have worked together in our business for 25 plus years and have been married for almost 27 years.  That's a total of 37 years of Dallas knowledge.

 What I know about Dallas is this:  He has a kind heart.  He is artistic, musical, powerful and energetic.  Dallas has phenomenal senses and space awareness-unbelievable!  There is an incredible amount of energy that flows through him.  When directed it is powerful.  I'm so thrilled he got attuned to use Reiki.  Dallas is gifted and has magical energy running through his hands.  He was born to use this energy to help others. 

  When we were first married, I got in a car accident and as a result had terrible cluster headaches.  One day I left work early because of one of those headache. When I got home, Dallas held the top and bottom of my head, my headache left and hasn't returned, that was 25 years ago.  This is the kind of thing Dallas naturally does and why I know he is gifted.  I've seen him shift energy, felt it and watched him work for a very long time.  

When Dallas discovered the singing bowls he was smitten.

The bowls sing for Dallas. They resonate with him. 10 years ago he found his first bowl- the f bowl.  When you come here ask to hear this bowl- it's so nourishing and grounding.  After the first bowl, Dallas started gathering his bowls, bells, tingshas, gongs etc.  Each personally selected- except the big E bowl. I found that one for Dallas. You might want to hear that one too.

Around 2009 he took his first class at Bastyr for Sound healing with Himalayan Chakra singing bowls. In 2012 his took an intermediate and advanced course.  Dallas was been asked to share his bowls at retreats, yoga training and classes, nursing homes, business retreats and a zillion other places.  He started offering personal and couple sessions.   In 2016 we built a studio onto our home.  It is a calming space, one created just for the bowls and for helping others unplug from life. In 2017 Dallas became a Reiki Master.

 All these classes and trainings are wonderful, but when Dallas gets into the flow and co-sets the intention with his clients - that's when the real healing and shifts happen. 

What did Dallas do before he was the D bowl guy?
He was the owner and operator of a restoration cleaning company.  For over 25 years, Dallas removed residue from surfaces.  He worked with his hands.  When we were on jobs, Dallas was always so insanely present.  He saw and sees things most of us miss.  Details of life - subtle details.  All of his senses are off the charts in clarity. 

Professional Residue Remover...
As the owner of a professional restoration cleaning company, Dallas learned about residue.  As cleaners we remove residue.  Residue is the layers built up on a surface- soaps, dirt, oils, grime, bacteria, biofilm etc.  Residue is dull, muddled, grey, dingy. When residues are removed the essence of the surface becomes visible again.  As it turns out- people get residue built up too.

Residues build up on us just like they do in homes.  Residues from life make us dull, muddled and unclear.  When you remove this residue build up, your essence shows back up.  This is what Dallas looks to help uncover with the Bowls and Reiki.  Trust me, as his wife, nobody agitates residues away better than Dallas!  When he works with a client he is present and clear. Not trying to fix but to remove life's residues.  Just like floors, residues build up on our spirits and in our bodies.  The bowls their deep vibrations and the energy movement of Reiki are the perfect tools to remove residue.